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Our next steps are:

Adding 6 new crypto pairs

Update crypto-wallet with new features

Cards issue

Road Map

Alleschange service is constantly being updated with new options and features.
You may keep track on our updates plan in here. As well, you may leave us your email so we update you once new features are available.

Autumn 2020
Cryptocurrency exchanger launch

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality and efficient exchanger. We are constantly updating the list of available crypto pairs.

Winter 2021
Purchase crypto with fiat function

Customers will be able to purchase cryptocurrency with their credit/debit cards.

Spring 2021
Crypto wallet launch

Alleschange users will be able to create cryptowallets with us. That will bring about lots of benefits.

Summer 2021
Adding new crypto pairs for exchange

We are planning on updating the list of available crypto pairs. Choose among the wide range of coins.

Autumn 2021
Developing a mobile application

Our developers are working on mobile application. Take advantage from Alleschange on your mobile device

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